The story so far

The idea for Shoots of Recovery came from Rhys Morgan, a Birmingham-based entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market for fresh, locally-produced salad. He wanted to combine this with a meaningful program of activity to help people recovering from the grip of addiction, homelessness and crime – so Shoots of Recovery was born.

Having recovered from an alcohol addiction himself, Rhys knows exactly how hard it can be. There has historically been a lack of effective, sustainable recovery programs in Birmingham, meaning that people who want to ‘get clean’ are often dragged back into a negative cycle of behaviour. Shoots of Recovery aims to change this, by providing a way for these individuals to engage in purposeful, fulfilling activity, build their self-esteem and gain skills and access to training.

In October 2014, Rhys won a ‘Do It’ Award from Unltd, the UK’s largest support network for social entrepreneurs. This allowed him to begin making his idea a reality, and he officially registered Shoots of Recovery as a Community Interest Company.

The next step for us is to get some land – we are looking for around two acres in East Birmingham. Once we have secured this, we can bring in stock and equipment and begin training up our volunteer growers ready for the start of the next salad-growing season.

To find out how you can get involved, or just to stay updated with our latest developments, please do join our mailing list or send us an email or a tweet.